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Founded in 1991.
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                   ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS

South County Older Residents Computer Club (SCORCC)
To provide a forum for a positive, meaningful exchange of computer-related information for older residents. Functions of the club will consist of, but not be limited to: collecting and sharing computer resources, holding monthly meetings, managing the club, learning by participating in computer projects and maintaining a list of computer-related educational opportunities.
SCORCC neither authorizes, sponsors, nor endorses the sale of materials or services, including computer hardware or software by any company or individual, including SCORCC members. Selling of material or services, including computer hardware or software, at meetings other than those approved and announced by the Board for that purpose is prohibited.
The club will be managed by Board Members.
  Three members will bear the title of Director as required by the State of Missouri for 501(c)(3) organizations. Duties of the Board members will be reviewed and revised as necessary by the Board. 
  The Board will decide upon such matters as they deem important for the good of the club and must be agreed upon by a simple majority of Board attendees. A quorum of five will be necessary for all legal Board transactions. The CORP Advisory is an ex officio member of the board and will have voting rights.

  Special Interest Groups may form or disband at the pleasure of the Board. Committees may be appointed or disbanded at the pleasure of the Board.

Membership will consist of older residents who are seriously interested in developing their ability to work with computers, with knowledge and capability as their goal.
Regular members will pay dues and can vote at the General Meetings.

       Reviewed / Revised 2017

Annual dues will be paid  by the regular members.
Dues cover the period January 1 through December 31 of each year.
The amount of dues will be determined by the Board and approved by a majority vote of the members.
Additional monies may be requested by the board and be levied per member at the membership's discretion by a majority vote of the members.

A computer related General Meeting will be held for all members during the year, with "vacation breaks" to be determined by the Board. The time and place of the General Meeting and special events, such as a Meetnic or Holiday Party will be determined by the Board. A quorum of 15 members will be necessary for all legal transactions and decisions made by the general membership at a General Meeting. Passage will be by a simple majority of attendees.
Special Interest Group meetings are held at a time and place determined by that SIG Chairperson with agreement by the Board.

  Members of the Board will be reviewed annually at November General Meeting.  Acceptance will be by acclamation (round of applause).  New board members may be accepted and recognized throughout the year.

The By-laws will be reviewed annually by the Board.

Upon dissolution of the club, property will be sold at fair market value and added to the amount in the treasury. It will first be offered to club members and then to persons outside the club. If it cannot be sold it will be offered to a charity at no cost.
Money in the treasury shall be donated to a charitable organization in accordance with State of Missouri statutes.
  The February General Meeting wil be held on Feb 20th at 1:00 pm at the Grant's View Library.  

Atlantic Dolphins, Bahamas. .            Webshots Photo             02-01-2018
Insperation Point. Washington D.C._          Webshots Photo                         02-01-2018
Wolf in Winter Storm.                   Webshots Photo                        02-01-2018
Bow Lake, Western Alberta..        Webshots Photo                     01-01-2018
Heybrook Bay, Devon England          Webshots Photo                      02-01-2018
Opunoha Bay Polynesia.                  Webshots Photo                  02-01-2018
Thermal Wonderland,. New Zealand_         Webshots Photo             02-01-2018
                 IN MEMORIUM
  Harry C. Urich a member of SCORCC, passed away.  Funeral services were held on Tuesday, February 13th at Hoffmeister So County Chapel.  Interment at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  Contributions to Mo Child Indetificaation Program (MOCHIP) or New Covenant United Methodist Church.